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The Paulcast, curated by Kurt Willems, is a new podcast devoted to the study of the most famous Apostle. He's been read to justify almost every agenda. People have reacted against such agendas and have let go of any hope that Paul is anything more than a misogynistic chauvinist. But who is Paul, really? What if Paul was revolutionary? What if Paul's letters were read in a world where his ideas were dangerous? What if Paul actually proclaimed world-changing news unlike anyone had before? In The Paulcast, Kurt Willems looks at issues pertaining to relevant scholarship, (radical) new perspectives on Paul, Jewish and Roman contexts for understanding his letters, important Pauline scholars and books, and Paul's ongoing relevance for regular folks today. In addition, Kurt will occasionally interview important voices from a variety of perspectives who will help us wrestle with the major questions that come out of the study of the historical Paul.
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Aug 9, 2016

In this episode, Greg Boyd chats with Kurt Willems about spiritual warfare in Paul and others. This is a pastoral and theological conversation, more so than an issue focused only on the historical Paul. But, from time to time, these conversations are fun as well!

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